About Us

YCH, Inc. was established in1982 as a  jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer based out of San Francisco, California.
The company combines a reknowned heritage of experience in the cultured pearl and semi-precious gemstone industry with a fresh flare for contemporary jewelry design and manufacturing. The brialliant result is available to the jewelry industry through our San Francisco showroom and most major U.S. jewelry trade shows.
We travel the world in search of the finest stones and jewelry materials at the best prices to ensure that our valued customers will be able to carry jewelry of impeccable quality and remain competitive at the same time. Our efforts have been bolstered by the opening of a cutting edge jewelry factory located in China, and a new office in Hong Kong monitoring the consisten quality and value we have been able to provide for decades.
With YCH, you will have constant access to the hottest new looks for this season and the next thanks to our world class design team that closely follows design and color trends in the industry then create fresh new innovative looks that consistently sell through like no other.
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